Top Reasons to Delete Facebook (2014)


DECKER: Episode 2 [x]

DECKER: Episode 2 [x]


DECKER: Episode 2 [x]

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Music video made in the Tachyons+ lab.

Using the gear as a analog video synthesis generator.

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ive been buying old magazines for collages and i found this


ive been buying old magazines for collages and i found this

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just chattin’ with bill orcutt on soundcloud. what a nice day.

bought a telecaster. finding out how to kill it.

Here’s a kind of boring, stoic way of looking at it because I tend to look at most things in a kind of boring, stoic way. English isn’t my first language so sorry if i mess this up, it’s difficult for me.

From a rationalist perspective suicide isn’t selfish. At least not seen from a meta-perspective where everything, i.e. the human experience is an entirely subjective experience. Seeing as reality is a subjective experience all experiences are perceived individually, received from the outside (other people, events) and processed from the inside (your, again, subjective reality) and colored by morals, ethics, and other external modifiers. You live and control your own life and you decide to end your own life seeing as your life is your own.

From (apparently) inherent human moral and cultural codes suicide is usually seen as selfish due to the concept of acting in a way that brings pain and emotional troubles onto others. From this one could argue that the concept of selfishness derives from an individual being a part of a collection of “selves”, or in other words a cluster of individuals or society.

So, if one individual who decides to take his own life feels that there is no concept of social cohesiveness to break with or simply decides to do the act then there can be no inherent selfish act; only a perceived one by the people left behind.

From this we can gather that suicide can be both an inherently selfish act (from a moral perspective, in my opinion pragmatically flawed but not necessarily wrong) or an extreme act of unselfishness, to give up ones own self.

It’s just another one of those claims that are inherently paradoxical. Like most “big” questions, if you dig to the core there are only subjective opinions and no real answer. Philosophy.

So i’d say the answer is neither. Suicide is neither selfish nor unselfish. It really sucks though.


in the woods wishing I was, 

no more women

no more sex

art school


mail from a woman scorned

hell hath no fury

not dealing with it

drinking rum in the shower